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Garden in the Woods

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The town of Framingham, Massachusetts, lies a few miles west of Boston, and since 1931 it has been home to Garden in the Woods, one of seven plant sanctuaries owned and managed by the New England Wildflower Society. More than 1,600 rare, endangered, and indigenous plants are cultivated on the garden's forty-five acres, including pink and yellow lady slippers, various trilliums, Solomon's seal, and many other examples of flora rarely seen outside the garden's borders. The Garden and Wildflower Society's goal is to promote awareness, appreciation, and the conservation of northeastern plants; in an effort to discourage enthusiasts from removing rare plants from the wild, many are available for sale on the garden's grounds. According to nursery director Bill Cullina, a number of different habitats have been re-created around the garden, such as wetlands and lily ponds for water plants and areas with limestone-enriched, acidic, dry, and woodland soils.

Bill Cullina

Nursery director


Cheryl Lowe

Head horticulturist

Garden in the Woods

180 Hemenway Road

Framingham, MA 01701



New England Wildflower Society

William Cullina

"Guide to Growing and Propagating Wildlflowers of the United States and Canada" (Houghton Mifflin, 2000; $40.00)


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