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Cooling Rack

Everyday Food, Volume 28 December 2005

This invaluable tool is not just for cooling baked goods. Once you start using one, you'll find yourself wanting two.

Types of Racks
Cooling racks are typically made of stainless steel or chrome-covered steel. They're also available with a nonstick surface, which comes in handy if you are cooling or drying anything that might stick.

How to Use
A good cooling rack is a kitchen workhorse. Use it for its designated purpose -- for cooling baked goods -- or use it to drain bacon and other fried foods. It is perfect for air-drying candied apples and other sticky sweets, and it can serve as a stoveside trivet for hot pots. Some cooling racks are ovenproof; placed over a baking sheet, they make fine roasting racks.

How to Buy
Choose a large, rectangular rack that will sit comfortably on a baking sheet. It should have sturdy metal bars laid out in a grid, for supporting heavy loads. And it must have feet for drainage and to allow air to circulate freely underneath.

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