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Faux Pearl Necklace

This easy-to-make and affordable necklace is a wonderful gift, especially with your own handmade gift packaging.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2009


  • Carded silk bead cord with needle

  • Iron

  • Glass pearl beads

  • Scissors

  • Gift box

  • Card stock or decorative paper

  • Screw punch

  • Paper tape

  • Holiday stickers (optional)

  • Felt


  1. Remove silk bead cord from card, and iron the cord to remove kinks. The cord will have a needle on one end; keep needle attached until you are finished with the necklace.

  2. Feed desired number of pearl beads onto silk cord. Cut the length of cord you need for the necklace (about 36 inches), measuring from the cut end.

    Tip: The remaining cord, with needle still attached, can be used for another project.

  3. Knot two ends of strung bead cord together to secure.

  4. Cut a piece of card stock or decorative paper to fit gift box. Punch a hole in paper with screw punch. Feed knot of necklace through hole; coil silk cord on back of paper, and secure with paper tape. Decorate front of paper with stickers, if desired.

  5. Line box with felt. Place card with attached necklace in box.

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