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Vegetable Specimen Bottles

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


No self-respecting mad scientist could resist the chance to display the body parts gathered up for his diabolical research. Once the experiments are over, placing the brains, heart, appendix, and plenty of eyes in neatly labeled glass jars transforms things of science into unusual decorations -- a look you can re-create in your house. If local authorities frown upon gathering body parts, vegetables make a good substitute. Try using cauliflower and cabbage to simulate brains, fennel as a heart, a small gourd for a swollen appendix, and peeled grapes for eyes. Place them in glass containers, and add water tinted with a few drops of red, blue, green, or yellow food coloring to stand in for embalming fluid. To heighten the macabre effect, make adhesive labels for the jars that describe their contents, and give them an antique look by staining them with ordinary tea.

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Carly Gustafson

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