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Arrange Flowers

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Flower arranging is an art, but the art is easy to master when you follow a few simple techniques. This technique, courtesy of wedding designer Karen Bussen, uses kale, ranunculus, viburnum, and lamb's ear to create an elegant and unforgettable arrangement.

Tools and Materials
Floral food
Floral knife
Clear rubber bands
Lamb's ear

Arranging Flowers How-To
1. Embellish a vase with wide double-satin ribbon. Cut with pinking shears and secure using double-sided tape. Wrap a contrasting narrow ribbon over first ribbon. Secure with a simple knot and clip ends at angles.

2. Fill a vase with water and add floral food; set aside. Start with three to four stalks of kale to create a basic structure. Add clusters of viburnum and ranunculus; secure flowers with rubber band.

3. Create a collar with lamb's ear so it drapes over vase; secure with rubber band.

4. Trim stems short enough to be hidden by ribbon on vase. Place flowers in vase.

Ribbon was purchased at Bypass clippers were purchased through Felco. This arrangement was created by wedding designer Karen Bussen, author of "Simple Stunning Weddings."

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