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Grass Motif Crafts

Martha Stewart Living, April 2006

Tufts of bright-green grass in pastel pots are an appealing -- and longer lasting -- alternative to floral centerpieces. Linen place mats printed with designs made from pounded fresh grass and dyed eggs adorned with vivid blades strike a sweet, seasonal note. Each idea is enchanting on its own, but taken together, they serve as a natural theme for an Easter brunch, a shower luncheon, or small gatherings with friends.

For these crafts, we used wheatgrass, which is lusher and more uniform than lawn grasses. (Buy wheatgrass in small plots or flats at health-food stores, or grow it from seed in about three weeks; water wheatgrass displays regularly.) Additional ideas -- stamped stationery for invitations and thank-you notes, pretty favor bags -- feature grass imagery, but real blades are not required to create them. Many of the projects make lovely gifts. And all are cheerful reminders of the warm, sunny days ahead.

Hand-Stamped Stationery
Pounded-Grass Placemats
Dyed Eggs with Grass Appliques
Fanciful Favor Bags
Homemade Grass Soap


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