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Matting Photographs

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2008


Proper matting can accentuate a photograph in a variety of ways. The mat acts as a framing device and as a visual bridge between an image and a frame. Look for an archival-quality mat that is acid-free. When matting a photograph, be sure that the photo never touches wood or glass, and be aware that any moisture or trapped chemicals will ruin the photo. It is important never to use a mat that is narrower than the frame; give the photograph breathing room. Bolder photos require a larger mat so that they do not look crowded by the frame. White mats should not be brighter than the whites in the photograph, and black mats should not be darker than the blacks in the photograph.

Special thanks to Seal for sharing photographs from his trip to India. For more information on Martha's photography, visit Plus, check out these 10 easy and fun ways to display your favorite photographs.


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