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Snow Pillar

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 145 December 2005


  • Pillar candle

  • Bundt pan


  1. Pack snow into a nonstick or tinned steel Bundt pan. To release form, tap bottom of pan firmly. If snow "cake" doesn't come out in one piece, pack the snow in again and let the filled pan sit outside for about 30 minutes to harden; release.

  2. Trim the wick of a pillar candle to 1/4 inch, so the flame stays small.

  3. Secure candle on a flat surface, such as a step, by packing snow around it.

  4. Once you have three forms, stack them over candle. Lightly spritz pillar with water; everything will freeze in place. To light the candle, use a long fireplace match.

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