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Pumpkin Carving Basics

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2005


Tools and Materials
Bosch cordless drill (9.5-volt)
Boo template, optional

Pumpkin Carving How-To
1. Cut out the bottom of your pumpkins with a craft saw, and scrape out the insides with an ice cream scoop. Craft saws are the most efficient tool for cutting neatly through the pumpkin's tough skin.

2. To make holes in the pumpkin for eyes, use a drill equipped with 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch spade bit. You can also bore holes into the pumpkin using a selection of short lengths of pipe with ends sawed at a 45-degree angle. Press the sharp end into the pumpkin and twist; remove the pipe.

3. If you want to carve a design or word, such as "Boo," download and print this template, affix it to the pumpkin, and trace the design with a needle or large pin. Remove the template and carve along the pattern with a linoleum carving tool or similar woodworker's tool.

4. You can prevent exposed areas of the pumpkin's flesh from turning brown by applying a film of Vaseline.

5. In addition to placing candles inside your pumpkin, consider using battery-operated light sources or small flashlights.

The 9.5-volt Bosch cordless drill is available at


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