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Bulletin Board How-To

Source: Martha Stewart


A bulletin board is part of the decor when covered in floral fabric and crisscrossed with ribbons held in place by painted nails. Other upholstery nails are used, instead of pushpins, for a sophisticated feel. We conceived our board to fill a wall.


  • 1/2-inch-thick Homasote fiberboard

  • Fabric

  • Stapler

  • Ribbon

  • Nails

  • Photos (optional)


  1. Have 1/2-inch-thick Homasote fiberboard cut to size.

  2. Wrap board in fabric, stretching taut; staple to back. Arrange ribbon (we layered two types of grosgrain) on board in an interlacing pattern; secure at intersections with nails. Pull ribbon taut; staple to back of board.

  3. Slip items such as photos underneath ribbons.

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