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Gourd Candles

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November November Fall 2007 2007


Tools and Materials
Quart-size containers (plastic)
Piece of wood
Measuring cups (plastic)
Rubber compound OOMOO 30, in pink and blue
Pure beeswax
Concentrated color chips
Wax paper (optional)

Gourd Candles How-To
1. Attach gourd to a piece of wood using a screw. Place gourd in a quart-size container. Wrap tape over container to secure gourd in place.

2. Next, make the rubber candle mold. In a measuring cup, combine equal amounts of rubber compound liquid, pink and blue. Mix liquid rubber contents thoroughly.

3. Continue mixing and pour liquid rubber inside quart container. Then, pour into second measuring cup to ensure it's mixed well. Demold to reveal mold cavity.

4. Make candle wax by adding a square of concentrated color chips to melting wax and melt at low heat. Tip: Test color by placing a drop of dyed wax on wax paper; add an additional square if a darker color is desired.

5. Insert wick into mold, making sure wick is at least an inch longer than mold. Roll wick around a dowel to secure and avoid falling into mold. Place mold back in quart container to secure in place. Carefully pour hot wax inside mold.

6. Before unmolding, make sure candle is completely cooled; time varies depending on size of gourd. If wick is too long, clip to desired size. Light candles and enjoy!

Rubber compound OOMOO 30 can be purchased at Wicks can be found at


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