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Cake-Stand Centerpiece

Photography: Victor Schrager

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2000


  • Leaves of silver tree (Leucadendron argenteum)

  • Waxflowers (Chamelaucium)

  • Scabiosa

  • 8-inch glass cake stand

  • 8-inch diameter floral foam flower ring

  • Standard-size brick of floral foam

  • 4-inch tall cylinder vase

  • Double-sided floral tape

  • Floral clippers


  1. Affix one strip of double-sided tape to the top outer edge of the vase, and attach one layer of leaves all roughly the same size so that they overlap, with their pointed ends sticking up 1 inch above the lip of the vase. Wrap a second strip of tape around the center of the vase, and attach a second layer of leaves as above. (Layered leaves should resemble shingles on a roof.)

  2. Put soaked brick of floral foam inside the vase. Cut scabiosa stems short, and stick them in the foam to fill the vase.

  3. Soak foam ring in water; set ring and vase on cake stand. Strip leaves from the waxflowers, and stick stems in the flower ring to form a dense cluster. Waxflowers will shrink slightly but hold their shape as the floral ring dries. There is no need to add more water. Packing the flowers densely will ensure the long life of the arrangement. Use any white (or other color) flower for the center. Roses and anemones work, as well as scabiosa. As those flowers age, you can replace them.

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