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Clover and Eggs Basket

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2006


This fanciful green meadow vignette seems a fitting home for a chocolate bunny. His eyes (dabs of tinted royal icing) and bow-tie (ribbon with a glued-on rosette) match his surroundings.


  • Plastic liner

  • Vintage green basket

  • Soil

  • Clover bed

  • Blown-out eggs

  • Silk ribbon


  1. Set a plastic liner inside a vintage green basket, add some soil, and then plant a bed of clover.

  2. Nestle a collection of green-dyed blown-out eggs from quails, turkeys, and chukars (a type of partridge) among the plants (for dyeing how-to, click here) and draped green picot-edged silk-ribbon bows down the basket's sides.

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