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Pounded-Grass Place Mats

White cotton or linen place mats are an ideal backdrop for a verdant lawn motif.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2006


  • White cotton or linen place mats

  • Wheat grass

  • Scissors

  • White card stock

  • Hammer


  1. From a flat of wheatgrass, cut enough blades (removing roots) for one mat.

  2. Lay mat faceup over a sheet of white card stock. Arrange 5 to 8 blades along the base of the mat. Lay another sheet of card stock over blades. Hold it in place, and hammer in a uniform manner.

  3. Remove top piece of card stock; discard blades. Repeat, working in sections, using fresh grass.

  4. Designs will fade over time. Wash with mild detergent in cold water.

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