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Patricia Fragen's daughter, Melissa, ended her battle with cancer on April 1, 2007, three months before her 17th birthday.

"When discussing all the reasons we were grateful a couple of months before her death," says Patricia, "she commented, 'Everyone deserves a David,' in reference to our dear friend who stepped in to care for the dogs and plants, read mail to me during extended hospital stays, and allowed us a safe place to vent irreverent comments."

Thus, Normal Moments, Inc. was born.

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that provides support services like housecleaning, lawn care, meal allowances, pet care, and a telephone support buddy to parents with critically ill children, Normal Moments was created so that families could share more of those precious "normal moments" -- together.

Services are performed by both volunteers and professional service providers, depending on family needs and volunteer availability. Today, the organization serves about 25 families in the Chicago area, and continues to grow as families are referred by social workers and Child Life specialists within local hospitals.


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