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Clip Art and Templates from Halloween Special Issue 2009

Here you'll find web-exclusive clip art, templates, and other craft-related extras featured in the Halloween Special Issue 2009.

Pumpkin-Top Invitations
On the outside, pumpkin invites bear a greeting; pull up on the pumpkin top to reveal the party details.
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Clip-Art Candy Boxes
Box up bunches of treats in frightfully charming candy containers.
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Dastardly Details: Party Decorations
Hair-raising party decorations don't need to be costly or fussy. You can make these frightening flourishes with some inexpensive craft supplies in just a few minutes.
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Haunted Manor
Once the grandest house on the block, this multistory pumpkin mansion now features rickety shutters and boarded-up doors and windows.
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Etched Silhouettes
This sideboard tableau intersperses luminous pumpkins with a decanter of wine, a stand with fruit, and other objects evocative of Edgar Allan Poe and his tales of horror.
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Two-Faced Pumpkin
In case its startling greeting didn't scare you, this pumpkin also projects a leering visage onto the wall behind it. 
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Starburst Pumpkin Sconces
Turn pumpkins into glowing light fixtures.
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Masked Owl Costume
Our fledgling aviator gets his wings in the form of a felt owl costume.
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Tulip and Rose Costume
A blooming crepe-paper tulip cap and rosebud headband -- each in pastel hues -- turn a mother-daughter duo into a sprightly pair.
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Young Detective and Dog Costume
The detective and his trusty hound follow the scent to the next crime scene.
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Spider-Dog Costume
Martha's dog Francesca, disguised as a devious black widow spider, is out to catch the little moth Sharkey in her web.
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Moth-Dog Costume
Not to be outdone, Sharkey decided to transform herself into a magnificent moth.
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Raven Costume
Our stark yet stylized bird costume is easily put together with just a few simple embellishments attached to an ordinary black hoodie.
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Vampire-Count Costume
A billowing cloak of red taffeta surrounds this dashing creature of the night, shielding his countenance from scrutiny.
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