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Purse Pouch

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2006


A set of woven pouches can keep electronic devices such as cameras and MP3 players (at left) safe inside your bag. Each has an attractive scalloped edge -- no finishing required. Each can be made by stitching 2 square or rectangular swatches back-to-back. If you want to make a makeup case, that requires a third rectangle for a closing flap.




  • Rectangular cloth swatches

  • Yarn

  • Pencil

  • Zipper


  1. To determine what size loom to use, measure the item the pouch will hold; swatches will be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the looms on which they are woven.

  2. For the tissue holder, fold two 6-inch-long rectangles in half. Stitch the ends and back seam.

  3. Form a buttonhole by poking a pencil into the woven material to make a gap; sew a whip stitch around the edge of the hole with thread to make it permanent.

  4. To add a zipper, sew the zipper to a long side of each swatch; then stitch the remaining sides together with yarn.

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