Imagine a school cafeteria where the food is organically grown, harvested, and prepared by its own students. In 1994, Alice Waters, proprietor and chef of the celebrated Chez Panisse, in partnership with the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, turned a vacant lot in Berkeley, California, into the Edible Schoolyard.

The Edible Schoolyard's organic garden is wholly integrated into the school's lunch program and curriculum. The project teaches students the importance of nutrition, community responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

For more than 25 years, Alice's revolutionary approach to food has championed the proliferation of organic, environmentally sound agriculture throughout the country. The philosophy of the Edible Schoolyard goes back to Thomas Jefferson's notion that the United States is a nation of farmers and that farms represent a community's core.


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Martha Stewart Member
January 9, 2009
I live in west va. and my 2 kids go to a middle school where the lunches are horrible. How would I go about implementing this into their school? I imagine here where I live there are many farms who may help the school.
Martha Stewart Member
June 18, 2008
I am so glad that people who do such wonderful enovated things get recognition and exposure....thank you Martha you are using your celebrity to do good for all living things on this earth....Dee
Martha Stewart Member
May 29, 2008
What a fantastic concept. Here in South Africa and Africa as a whole would benefit from this nutritious scheme. It certainly gives one food for thought!! Cally - South Africa
Martha Stewart Member
May 17, 2008
Alice Waters book is wonderful... a great read.