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Repair a Chair How-To

The Martha Stewart Show, September 2009

Make an old chair as good as new with these step-by-step instructions.

Tools and Materials
Glue injector
Veritas Chair Doctor Glue
Drill with 1/16-inch drill bit
Length of rope long enough to go around chair legs
8- to 10-inch dowel
Durham's Water Putty
Putty knife
Sanding sponge
Tack cloth
Touch-up paint and brush

Fixing Wobbly Legs How-To
1. Separate joints. Drill a small hole, at an angle, through the end of the stretcher (the bar between chair legs) and into the hollow pocket in the chair leg.

2. Inject glue through the hole into the hollow space. Push chair parts back into place.

3. Clean glue that has dripped from joint.

4. Take a length of rope and loop it around each leg of the chair. Secure with a square knot. Twist the rope with the dowel, enough so that it tightens the distance between all four legs evenly. Secure dowel between a leg and stretcher to keep it from unwinding.

5. Let dry for 12 hours; remove rope and dowel.

Filling Cracks How-To
1. Mix putty (3 parts powder to 1 part water).

2. Fill crack using a putty knife and allow to harden (about 8 hours).

3. Sand patched area and wipe with tack cloth.

4. Repaint chair or touch up area with matching paint.

Martha used glue injector from All other tools and materials are available at Home Depot.

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