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Goody Witches

A band of plump, popcorn-filled witches swoops in to add a spirited spell to your Halloween festivities.

Source: Martha Stewart Living


  • Popcorn

  • Green cling wrap from grocery store, or green cellophane

  • Waxed twine in black

  • Templates

  • Construction paper in black and green

  • Micro hole punch

  • White craft glue

  • Stapler

  • Standard hole punch


  1. Wrap a handful of popcorn in cellophane to make a ball. Tie top with a 6-inch length of twine.

  2. Photocopy brim and cone templates and shrink as desired; cut out. Trace onto black construction paper; cut out. Use a micro hole punch on either side of brim's inner circle. Fold cone; staple.

  3. Punch a small hole on each side of cone. Place brim on top of popcorn ball; pull twine through holes. Place cone on top of brim, threading twine through cone's holes. Knot twine in front of hat.

  4. Photocopy nose template; shrink as desired, and cut out. Trace template onto green construction paper; cut out. Use standard hole punch on black construction paper to make eyes. Attach the features with glue.

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