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Halloween Clip-Art Candy Boxes

Dole out treats this Halloween in our frightfully charming candy boxes. There's no trick to crafting them: Just print the templates, fold, and glue. Use the favors to dress up place settings, or group them on a table for a festive display.

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Special Issue 2009


Using heavyweight paper, download template and print.


  • Using a straightedge and a craft knife, cut out template. Cut slits along solid white lines; crease along dotted lines using template as a guide. Make holes at white dots using a 1/8-inch hole punch.

  • Form template into box. Using a glue stick, adhere bottom and side flaps in place, leaving top open. Fill box with candy of your choice.

  • Cut an 8-inch length of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon, and knot ends to form a loop. Thread looped end up through top flap without the tab, and then up through top flap with the tab. To close box, tuck tab into slit at top of box.


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