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Feather Christmas Tree

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2008


This beautiful feather tree is both a lovely Christmas decoration for the home and a wonderful Handmade Holiday gift. The tree can be left plain or you can add a small tree topper such as the glittered star we used.


  • For Feather Tree: White turkey feathers (long, medium, and short lengths)

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Styrofoam cone (We used a 12-inch cone, but any size will do.)

  • Popsicle stick or tongue depressor

  • Bamboo skewer

  • Heavy-duty wire cutters or pruning shears

  • For Glittered Star Tree Topper: Vellum

  • Scissors

  • Double-sided tape

  • Spray adhesive

  • Fine crystal glitter


  1. Sort feathers into short, medium, and long piles.

  2. Carefully make a line of hot glue along the quill of a long feather, from the point of the quill to about 1 inch in. 

  3. Attach the feather to the bottom of Styrofoam cone so that the end of the feather sweeps out and just brushes the table below.

    Tip: Hold feather in place while the glue cools using a popsicle stick or tongue depressor to avoid burning your fingers.

  4. Continue gluing long feathers around the cone, lining up the bottoms of the feathers, completing a row. Add rows of long feathers, with about an inch between each, until a third of the cone is covered. 

  5. Repeat with medium-length feather rows to cover the center third of the cone. Finish the top third of the cone with short feathers.

  6. To complete the top of tree, push a bamboo skewer about 3 inches into the point of the cone. Carefully add feathers around the skewer, about an inch from where the skewer meets the cone, lining up the quills to make a point

  7. Snap off the skewer right above the quills with heavy-duty wire cutters or pruning shears. If you like, you can add more feathers to the tree with dabs of hot glue to add depth.

  8. Cut a 3-inch vellum circle in half. Curl one half into a cone. Secure with double-sided tape.

  9. Cut three 3-inch squares of vellum and fold them to make three 8-point stars, as shown in the star template instructions.

  10. Glue two or three stars onto the cone with hot glue. Spray the entire tree topper with spray adhesive and cover in glitter. Shake off excess glitter and add to top of tree.

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