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Covering School Books

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It's a good idea to help protect your kids' schoolbooks from a year of abuse by making covers out of a durable material, such as vellum or brown grocery bags. You can create great-looking covers using one of two techniques: folding or taping.

Encourage children to individualize their book covers by drawing and painting on the paper. Even if you're well past school age, you can make vellum covers to replace missing or torn book jackets or to layer over book covers you want to preserve.

Covering School Books
Tools and Materials
Vellum or brown paper bags
Fabric tape measure
Assorted felt-tip pens, tempera paints, and brushes

Folding Technique
1. Fold the vellum equal to the height of the book to reinforce the edges. Slide the inside flap and newly created fold over the book cover, and create a tight hold on the front and the back.

Taping Technique
1. Using a fabric tape measure, measure the height of the book you want to cover. Then measure the distance from the front to back covers. Add 6 inches to the two measurements (to create the inside flaps), and cut out a piece of paper accordingly.

2. Open the book, and place it face down in the center of the paper. To accommodate the spine, make two vertical cuts on the excess paper at the top and bottom of the book, creating a flap. Fold the flap down and behind the spine, creating two notches.

3. Wrap the paper around the book, making sure the inside flaps are equal sizes. Fold top flaps over the side flaps.


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