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Notebook Labels

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2005


For kids, getting new school things is an exciting annual ritual. They can make it even more fun with these stickers, which can be used to trim notebooks, folders, lunch boxes, and more. Some can serve a practical purpose in the classroom, identifying a book's subject or owner. Other stickers will simply brighten up surfaces with their cheery designs. Kids can sign on the lines provided and then place on the front or on the inside cover.

Make a set with just a couple of tools -- a computer and an ink-jet printer (or color copier) -- plus some basic stationery supplies. Print lots of stickers at once so children can continue to use them throughout the school year -- and share with a few lucky friends, too. After decorating school supplies, use extra stickers on notes, journals, or pads.


  • Ink-jet printer or color copier

  • Stationary supplies

  • Self-adhesive sticker sheets

  • Scissors


  1. Print these designs onto full-page self-adhesive sticker sheets, available at office-supply stores. 

  2. Cut out, following dotted lines for bookplate stickers and leaving a narrow border of white around the others.

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