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Martha Stewart Living, May 2002

Fresh herbs will brighten just about any dish. What's best is they enliven a recipe without extra fat and calories. Used sparingly, they will add vivid hues and subtle flavor to your recipes -- after all, the idea is to bring out, not mask, the taste of other ingredients. Herbs can be used alone or in combination, such as the classic fines herbs in our recipe for coddled eggs; once you are familiar with the characteristics of each, you can improvise with confidence.

We selected a wide variety of fresh herbs to enhance a number of recipes, including tabbouleh, stuffed chicken breast, a mexican-inspired soup, and grilled trout, all of which would be ideal for simple springtime suppers.

The Menu
Toasted-Couscous Tabbouleh
Herb-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Mexican Fiesta Soup
Coddled Eggs with Fines Herbes
Grilled Trout with Oregano

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