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Organizing Baby's Armoire

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 1 2001

A small armoire makes an ideal closet for baby clothes and accessories. Here are our suggestions for how to equip one.

Laundry Bag
Hang a small cotton or linen bag by grommets and hooks on the inside of the door to collect laundry.

Shelf Liners
Shelf liners held in place with doubled-sided tape will keep clothes, blankets, and other items free from dust. If your laundry bag is handmade, try making liners to match.

Blanket Rods
A pivoting pants rack hung on the inside of the door becomes a great place to hang lightweight baby blankets.

Hang a clipboard from hooks on the inside of the door to keep doctor's recommendations and your baby's feeding and sleeping schedule on hand.

Clothing Rod
Hang baby's clothes according to size; add an extra hook on the inside of the door where you can hang an outfit while you're cleaning and diapering your baby.

Wooden Box Organizers
Paint at least four plain wooden boxes to store various items. In the first, include essential health and grooming items such as a thermometer, aspirator, baby analgesic, extra pacifiers, cotton balls, cotton swabs, a comb, a brush, nail scissors, emery boards, extra diaper-rash ointment, and calamine lotion. Keep small items such as hats, shoes, booties, and socks in the second box. Store one-pieces in the third box, and bibs and burp cloths in the fourth.

Top Shelf
Keep a memorabilia box and a basket of crib sheets and pads on the top shelf.

Bottom Shelf
Store heavy winter blankets on the bottom shelf.

Tuck away baby's pajamas, folded outfits, and sweaters in lined drawers.

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