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Tissue Pouch

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2010


This felt-fashioned tissue holder helps you counter those winter sniffles with style. It's a Good Thing.

Tools and Materials
Template for pouch design (Frenchie dog, African violet flower, rose or sycamore tree)
Steam-a-Seam double-faced iron-on adhesive (sheet or roll)
Roll of 1/4-inch-wide Steam-a-Seam double-faced iron-on adhesive

Tissue Pouch How-To
1. To create an iron-on design for your pouch, print the template of your chosen design (Frenchie dog, African violet flower, rose or sycamore tree). Roughly trim excess paper from around the design.

2. Cut a piece of fusible web to size of trimmed template. Iron fusible web onto a piece of felt, and let cool.

3. Tape template onto paper side of felt/fusible web piece. Cut out shape.

4. To make the tissue pouch, cut a 6-by-7-inch piece of felt or ultrasuede. Iron strips of 1/4-inch-wide Steam-a-Seam adhesive to both 7-inch edges.

5. With adhesive strips facing up, fold one 6-inch side 1 1/2 inches in toward center and press in place. Fold the other 6-inch side 2 inches toward center, overlapping the first side, and press in place.

6. Press iron-on decoration onto front of pouch.

Felt available from Magic Cabin. All other tools and materials available at sewing or crafts stores.

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