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Earnest Sewn Jeans

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2008

Earnest Sewn is a denim company and lifestyle brand. The company was founded four years ago by Scott Morrison, formerly the designer and cofounder of Paper Denim and Cloth, another popular jeans company.

The concept of Earnest Sewn is the idea of mixing the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi with denim's Americana past. Wabi-sabi simply means imperfection or something that may be perceived as incomplete. Earnest Sewn believes that it's important to find perfection within imperfection. If you look closely at a pair of their jeans, you will notice the seams are never quite perfectly straight, but they are all made with extreme care. Earnest Sewn sets themselves apart from other jean companies by putting more handwork, more details, and more overall care into all of their garments.

Many of the jeans are sewn by just one person from beginning to end. Earnest Sewn seeks the highest quality American, Italian, and Japanese denims produced from the world's finest mills. They pride themselves on creating a product that is "sewn in earnest."

Fashion Show Styles
Ali Fit
Tori is modeling Earnest Sewn's Keaton boot-cut fit. Tori has a voluptuous curvy figure and looks best in a boot-cut fit because the flare leg balances her upper body and lower body proportions. Also, the side seams are pitched forward, creating a longer, leaner appearance. The front rise remains low and sexy, while the back rise is higher, covering the entire bottom while sitting or standing (no plumber's crack).

The Gemma Fit
The Gemma trouser jean is a great option for Meredith because it creates a fuller leg, balancing out her hip-to-leg proportion. Meredith has very thin legs, so wearing tapered jeans could accentuate her hips. The sexy low-rise coupled with the full leg on the Gemma jean creates a well-balanced long, lean silhouette.

The Zazo Fit
The cropped Zazo is a perfect fit for a petite frame like Sharon's. The super high-rise creates the illusion of longer legs by adding inches of fabric from the waist to the bottom hem. The crop leg creates the perfect inseam for her. The slim, straight silhouette creates a long, lean silhouette.

The Decca Fit
Taylor is modeling Earnest Sewn's Decca low-rise straight-leg fit. This is a good shape for Taylor because she has a long torso and shorter legs. She can shorten this jean without changing its proportions (unlike a boot-cut, where shortening changes the proportions of the silhouette). Taylor is of average height, so a sexy low-rise works well on her figure. This is a good option for someone who wants the sophistication of a straight-leg jean, but feels uncomfortable in a tapered silhouette.

The Harlan Fit

The Harlan women's low-rise cigarette leg fit flatters a straight body type like Thai's. The dual ring-spun Japanese stretch denim hugs the body and holds in the shape by molding a sexy, curvy figure. The two-piece contour waistband flatters the low-rise by defining the waist. The long inseam works well for long legs.

The Sailor Fit
The sailor trouser is a great option for a tall, lean silhouette. Its fashion front pockets and wide leg give a dressier option for denim wardrobes. This wide leg is the silhouette for the spring.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Scott Morrison for showing samples of the Earnest Sewn jeans collection.

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