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Glittered Magnetic Advent Calendar

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2009


This beautiful Advent calendar adds holiday sparkle to any refrigerator.


  • Heavyweight white or neutral card stock

  • Glittering glue with fine-tip applicator

  • 24-pack of glitter

  • Glittering glue with brush applicator

  • Scissors

  • Circle cutter

  • Red card stock

  • Double-sided tape

  • Twenty-five 3 1/2-inch clear-lidded spice tins

  • Bone folder


  1. Print the number templates on heavyweight white or neutral card stock.

  2. With the fine-tipped glittering glue, trace each number and glitter with onyx glitter. Let dry completely.

  3. Trace around the outside of each glittered number with the fine-tipped glittering glue, and "flood" the rest of the colored space with the brush applicator glittering glue. Glitter with color of background. Let dry.

  4. Cut out each number circle with scissors.

  5. Cut twenty-five 3 9/16-inch circles from red card stock with the circle cutter.

  6. Apply double-sided tape to the back of each glittered circle and attach each to a red circle.

  7. Insert each circle into the lid of a spice tin, with glittered side facing out through clear top. Press each circle in around the edge with a bone folder, securing it inside the tin's lid. Repeat for each number.

  8. Arrange tins on your refrigerator in tree shape and fill with small gifts.

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