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Garlic Festival

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At the end of September, just before the first frost heralds the transition from fall to early winter, the town of Saugerties, New York, pays tribute to the harvest with the Annual Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. In the ten plus years since the first festival was held in founder Pat Reppert's front yard, the number of visitors and participating vendors has grown significantly, and now, approximately sixty garlic growers and fifty thousand attendees taste, buy, and watch the festival's demonstrations.

Activities include tasting contests of raw, sauteed, and roasted garlic. At the festival's stands, garlic soups, garlic hot dogs, funnel cakes with caramelized garlic, and garlic ice cream are sold. There is also a booth manned by Ted Maczka, who is known as the Johnny Appleseed of Garlic because he travels all over Canada and the United States giving away garlic bulbs for planting, and Bob Yerina, owner of Garlic Delite Farms, who demonstrates garlic knotting.

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