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Napkin Roll

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


A picnic can be as spontaneous or well planned as the situation demands, but you will almost certainly need silverware. Instead of relying on plastic utensils -- which break easily and are often tossed out after a single use -- you can bring your regular silverware with you in a convenient and reusable napkin roll.


  • Twill tape

  • Plain cloth dinner napkins or bandannas


  1. Cut a 24-inch length of twill tape, and fold it in half.

  2. Fold a napkin or bandanna in half. Lay the napkin flat so that its folded edge is on the left. Holding the ribbon with its crease on the right, place it atop the napkin so the ribbon's fold is 1/2 inch to the right of the napkin's fold, and the distance from the ribbon to the top of the napkin equals 1/4 the entire length of the napkin's fold. Hand-stitch the crease of the ribbon to the napkin's top layer.

  3. Tuck silverware into the fold, roll the napkin, and tie it securely with the ribbon.

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