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New York City florist and designer Antony Todd is renowned for his exquisite arrangements, backdrops, and sets, many of which have appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. So when weddings editor Darcy Miller began to make decisions about the floral arrangements and room layout for her own wedding, she naturally turned to Antony for assistance.

Darcy's wedding was held in one of the high-ceilinged rooms of New York City's Four Seasons restaurant. For Darcy and every bride with whom he works, Todd pays special attention to the room's features, taking into account its ambiance, decor, and lighting, as well as the wedding's color schemes and decorations. Antony and Darcy collaborated to achieve arrangements and centerpieces that balanced simplicity and elegance with rich, calming textures and clean lines. In keeping with Darcy's palette of green and white, the long dining tables at the reception were lined with calla lilies artfully positioned in antique tureens, while other areas of the room were accented with gardenias afloat in silver bowls.

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