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Coffee-Filter Fairy Godmother No-Sew Halloween Costume

An Elizabethan-style costume like this could get even Tinkerbell hooked on coffee.

Source: Halloween 2000, Fall 2000


  • 100 small coffee filters (8- to 10-cup size)

  • 50 industrial-size coffee filters

  • 50 industrial-size coffee filters

  • White shirt

  • White A-line skirt

  • 5/8-inch-wide ribbon

  • 1/4-inch dowel

  • White paint

  • White paper pastry cups

  • 1/4-inch white ribbon

  • White plastic headband

  • Scissors

  • Paintbrush

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Safety pins

  • Mayonnaise jar

  • Ironing board or dress form

  • Crinoline petticoat


  1. For the Shirt Jabot: Turn 10 to 12 small filters inside out, fold in half, and trim off corners (throughout project, you can cut 5 or 6 filters at a time). Hot-glue to 5/8-inch-wide white ribbon of desired length. Safety-pin ribbon to center front of shirt.

  2. For the Shoulder Ruffles: Cut 2 pieces of 5/8-inch-wide ribbon about 12 inches long. Slit 6 small filters to center and cut base off, leaving 1/2-inch flap on inner edge; notch flap to create tabs for gluing. Wrap each ribbon around roll of duct tape or mayonnaise jar to make U shape; hot-glue 3 filters onto each ribbon, one at a time. Safety-pin ribbons to shoulders of shirt.

  3. For the Cuffs: Measure wearer's wrist, add 2 inches, and cut 2 pieces of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon to that measurement. Turn ribbons under 1/4 inch on each end; attach 5/8-inch-wide self-adhesive Velcro strips to overlap. Wrap ribbons around a small jar. Slit 6 small filters to center and cut base off, leaving 3/4-inch flap on inner edge. Notch flap; hot-glue 3 layers of filters onto each ribbon.

    Trim filters if you like. For collar, measure wearer's neck, add 2 inches, and cut 2-inch-wide white ribbon to that measurement. Turn under 1/4 inch at each end of ribbons; attach 2-inch-long piece of self-adhesive 5/8-inch Velcro. Slit small filter to center; remove base, leaving 1/2 inch flap. Wrap ribbon around duct-tape roll or mayonnaise jar; hot-glue filters, 1 layer at a time, filling width of ribbon, and trim as desired.

  4. For the Skirt: Place skirt on ironing board or dress form to retain its shape. We used small filters for front and alternated small and industrial size for side and back. Slit filters to center and cut off base, leaving 1/2- inch flap on inner edge. Glue filters in rows around skirt. Trim around waist, in front, and on sides. Wear skirt with crinoline petticoat for more puff.

  5. For the Wand: To make the wand, paint 1/4-inch dowel white, glue two white paper pastry cups to the top, along with several strands of 1/4-inch ribbon.

  6. For the Tiara: Make a tiara by cutting away all but 1/8 inch of the bottom of a small coffee filter, notching the inner edge, and hot-gluing it onto a white plastic headband.

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