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Gourd Bird Feeders

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2002


Fall is the best time to start a bird-feeding program that will last until spring. As the temperature begins to drop, the natural food supply dwindles, forcing birds to look for alternative sources to get them through the cold winter months. A feeder put out in the fall is sure to become a regular stop on birds' winter feeding rounds. The foods birds love include black-oil sunflower seeds, suet, peanuts, cracked corn, peanut butter, thistle, fruit, and shelled sunflower seeds.


  • 9-to-15-inch bottle gourd, dried

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Craft saw

  • Drill and 3/8-inch bit

  • 4 sturdy twigs

  • Waxed twine

  • Upholstery needle


  1. Loosen dried gourd seeds by slapping the gourd with your palm. Draw the shape of a window opening on paper, and cut it out; trace it onto the gourd's surface four times.

  2. Use a craft saw to cut along tracings. Shake out gourd seeds. Drill a hole beneath each opening, and find twigs that will fit snugly inside them; insert twigs. Drill two holes, one on either side of the gourd's neck. Thread twine through holes with an upholstery needle; loop over tree branch.

  3. Hang feeder under some sort of shelter, so that the seeds stay dry and don't become moldy. You may also like to drill two holes on the base of the gourd to encourage water drainage.

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