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Decorative Skeleton Bone Table

There's nothing bare-bones about this table decoration. The table legs are legs indeed -- store-bought faux bones. Note: The legs can't stand up to heavy weights; use the decorative table to display light items.

Photography: SIMON WATSON

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2010


  • Coping saw

  • Four faux bone legs

  • Four faux bone legs

  • Four double-threaded screws

  • Epoxy

  • Drill (with 1/2-inch bit)

  • One precut 1-inch-thick round or oval piece of wood (ours is 18-by-28-inch medium-density fiberboard)

  • Double-threaded wood-screw studs, steel, 3/16" by 3"

  • Wood putty and putty knife

  • Sandpaper

  • Paint to match the color of the bones


  1. Trim the thigh bones: Use saw to cut legs to 1 inch less than the desired table height (to account for tabletop).

  2. Stabilize the knees: Take one leg apart at the knee; unscrew the hardware, and remove the kneecap. Connect shin bone to thighbone with one double-threaded screw. Repeat with the remaining legs.

  3. Stabilize the ankles: Position one foot so it rests flat on the floor, and generously squeeze epoxy into the hinge that makes the ankle flex. Repeat with remaining legs. Let dry and cure at least overnight.

  4. Attach legs to the table: Decide where you want the legs, and drill pilot holes through tabletop. Place leg underneath pilot hole, then screw to attach. Repeat with remaining legs.

  5. Put putty over screws, and let dry. Sand until smooth.

  6. Paint tabletop.

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