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Moth-Eaten Curtains

Photography: William Abranowicz

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October Fall 2000


  • Cotton curtains

  • Pot of tea

  • Spray bottle

  • Clothesline

  • Scissors


  1. First, make a basic curtain out of thin cotton: Measure your window, adding 2 inches to the height. Cut fabric to measurements; fold over top 2 inches and sew to create a curtain-rod sleeve.

  2. Twist a section of the fabric tightly, and hold in one hand. With the other hand, use scissors (preferably slightly dull) to take tiny snips out of the balled-up fabric (be sure not to cut the sleeve or your hand). Repeat this over different sections until the entire curtain has uneven snips, slashes, and holes; cut chunks and slices out for variation.

  3. Next, wash and dry the curtain, removing it from the drier before completely dry. The curtain will be knotted up, so this is a good time to make more tears and slices if desired.

  4. Brew a strong pot of tea (four tea bags per 2 cups of water) and when cool, pour into a spray bottle.

  5. Flatten out the curtain, and clip to a clothesline; spray tea at top so it drips down, giving the curtain an eerily neglected appearance, as if the rod has rusted and stained the curtain.

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