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Silk Screening

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Screen for silk screening

  • Screen printing inks

  • Squeegee

  • Screen tape

  • Screen-printing inks

  • Glassine paper

  • Glass cylinder

  • Scissors


  1. Once you get your screen back from the store, be sure to tape the wood completely around the frame so the wetness from the ink does not warp your screen. Use screen tape since it is waterproof. Darcy's tip: Test your skill on a scrap piece first.
  2. Place your screen over the area where you want to print.

  3. Tilt screen up.

  4. Pour ink. Darcy's tip: When making the ink, make sure to have extra so the color is consistent. You can make up to 200 imprints.

  5. Place screen down flat.

  6. With the screen in place, squeegee with pressure so the design comes through.Darcy's tip: Listen for squeaking noise to ensure you are doing it properly.

  7. Completely lift the screen off the paper and move it to a new location. Darcy's tip: Make sure your new area is dry so ink does not smudge.

  8. Place the screen down flat.

  9. Squeegee the other direction.

  10. Repeat process. Darcy's tip: Wait for the print to dry before you cut it.

  11. You can reuse your screen until you puncture it. Clean the screen extremely well so the ink does not dry and ruin your design.

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