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Nantucket Baskets

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For more than 200 years, Nantucket, Massachusetts has been producing the finest handwoven baskets. It is a unique craft, and only on Nantucket can you find a real lightship basket.

Featured Baskets
1. Seven-inch oval lightship basket with ebony top and handle, antique ivory overlay on the handle, carved shells on top, and handle and clasp.

2. Wedding basket with antique ivory skirt and ivory handle with floral scrimshaw around. One side has a pair of carved bunnies and the other has a heart on which to put a bride and groom's names.

3. Seven-inch oval lightship basket with antique ivory top and back-to-back shells on top.

4. Backpack with carved shells on top.

5. Six-inch oval cocktail lightship basket with ebony top and handles. The handles have an antique ivory overlay; the top has carved shells and a carved clasp to close the front.

6. Half-moon one-of-a-kind with scrimshaw inside and out by Dorothy Grant O'Hara. Harpoon carvings at the base and a compass to close the top. On loan from Dick and Nicki Gamble.

Michael Kane's Lightship Baskets
18A Sparks Avenue
Nantucket, MA 02554
Phone: 508-228-5706

Diana Kim England Goldsmiths

Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Michael Kane and Diana Kim England Goldsmiths for sharing their beautiful crafts.

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