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Shade Plants with David

Martha Stewart Living Television

An accomplished gardener and plant breeder, David Culp, of Sunny Border Nurseries, is known for his work with hellebores. Today, he visits Martha's shade garden to help her select suitable plants for the shade that will create a variety of textures and interest.

As David explains, for Martha's beds, it's best to plant in large drifts so that the characteristic of each plant becomes obvious, leading to a more dramatic overall effect. Some of the plants he chooses are Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima,' Helleborus hybridus (orientalis), Heuchera villosa var. Macrorrhiza, Cimicifuga 'James Compton,' Heucherella 'Chocolate Lace,' Pholox divaricata 'Blue Elf,' and Sinelesis aconitifolia.

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David Culp
Sunny Border Nurseries
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