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Elevated Workspace

Source: Blueprint, January/February 2008


Elevate the workspace to a work of art by channeling your inner artiste -- but first throw out the old rules of composition. Like Picasso, you don't need to be afraid to change perspective or play with color: Hang horizontal shelving vertically, and pepper a neutral area with bright accents. "An unexpected arrangement has more soul than a laminated prefab home-office monstrosity," says style director Page Marchese Norman.

Even functional pieces can be decorative, like the wastebasket with its gorgeous wood grain. To build a gallery-worthy storage wall, Page and Shane suggest assembling it like a collage: Put up one piece, step back (you may want to ask a trusted friend to weigh in), and add another. Voila!

"Lack" wall shelves, $15 each, and "PS Boda" box (open box on green shelf), from $17, both for stores. "Skyline" cubbies (hung vertically on wall), $850, Wud Furniture Design, 718-486-7952. David Brunicardi "HoneyDrip HD_3" desk, $750, Studio Archirivolto "Charme" chair (at desk), $795, and Poldo Como chest (in background), $4,950, both at Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby "Homegrown Green" rug, $4,320, for stores. Vintage aqua dining chair, $350, and "Owl" lamp, $165, both at Han Lei "Summer Palace 03" photograph, $279 (with frame), Sebastian Wrong "Font" clock, $450, and Alexander Taylor "Small Fold" lamp, $180, both at Wastebasket, $120, Pearl River, 800-878-2446. Office Basics magazine files, $24 each, and letter tray, $28 for two, both at "Osaka" boxes (on shelf), from $5,

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