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Homeowners often pay great attention to their houses' interiors, carefully selecting colors, furnishings, and decorative elements, and arranging everything just so. During summer, you can easily apply this same aesthetic approach to outdoor spaces, according to garden designer Martha Baker.

When visitors arrive at her home, they're welcomed by urns filled with sago palms (Cycas revolut) at the head of a path leading to her porch steps. Beyond the urns, a brick path is flanked by two walls of roses, creating the appearance of a grand hallway culminating in green steps that complement both the yard furniture and many surrounding plants.

Meanwhile, Martha's porch is designed to function as a second living room. And because light is key to setting the tone, the room includes a number of soft-lit lamps, as well as more green furniture made with mildew- and water-resistant fabrics.

Framed by roses, the windows look out onto an expanse of lawn that contrasts with the close, intimate sensation of the porch. But Martha's patio area further ensures that sense of intimacy, with its lush plantings and similarly styled furniture. Bluestone paving embellishes Martha's patio and pool-area floors, and the outdoor dining area is ideal for entertaining large and small numbers of guests alike.

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