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Copper-Edge Magnet

A Xyron machine creates stickers, magnets, and labels -- and even allows you to laminate. Martha demonstrated how this easy-to-use machine can help create copper-edged magnets.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007


  • Printer paper

  • Xyron machine with adhesive backing cartridge and magnetic cartridge

  • Scissors

  • Two-ply matte board

  • Bone folder

  • Scallop copper tape

  • Utility knife


  1. Print an image (such as our spring chicken onto printer paper. Load a Xyron machine with an adhesive backing cartridge.

  2. Feed your images through the Xyron machine, turn the handle, and cut. Peel the front film off and your image becomes a sticker. Stick your image onto a piece of two-ply matte board and trim.

  3. Change your Xyron cartridge to a magnetic laminate backing cartridge. Then, feed the matte board through again. Cut out images using a utility knife.

  4. Use scallop copper tape to decorate edges. Use a bone folder to smooth.

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