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Hat Embellishments

The Martha Stewart Show, March/April 2009

Make any hat fabulous by following these simple embellishment tips.

Reviving Tired-Looking Faux Flowers
This technique will work on a flower made of almost any material. If a flower is wilted or squashed, you can make it spring back to life with a little hydration. 

Hold the flower by the stem over a steaming kettle (a clothing steamer or the steamer on your iron will also work). If the flowers are dirty, you can spray them with a little distilled water. To remove odor, put some hibiscus tea in the kettle to infuse the steam with a nice scent.

Adding Embellishments to a Hat
If you have an inexpensive hat, you can sew the embellishments on or affix using a hot-glue gun. Or, if you want your embellishments to be temporary, you can place a ribbon band on the hat and add your flowers, leaves, or other embellishments to the band.

Or, attach the embellishment to a pin with floral wire and pin it to the hat so it can be removed easily. If the flowers are heavy, use heavier gauge wire. The wire and floral tape are both found in the floral supply aisle of any crafts store.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Hannah Milman, editorial director of crafts for Martha Stewart Living, for demonstrating how she embellished Martha's hat for The Central Park Conservancy Lunch.

Resources: Suzanne Newman, designer and owner of Suzanne Couture Millinery, made Martha's hat for the luncheon. Embellishments used are from Dulken & Derrick.

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