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Here are some healthy hair tips, products, and techniques that Eva Scrivo recommends:

Brushing Your Hair
Brushing hair often stimulates the oil glands and brings natural oils from the scalp to the shaft of hair, increasing protection. Growing your hair out allows it to lubricate and condition naturally, preventing split ends. When hair is stronger, it's less prone to breaking.

Mason Pearson Brush: Contains boar bristles. The natural oils from the scalp are stimulated by the brush hairs. These oils attach to the bristles and are distributed down the length of the hair shaft, creating smooth, shiny hair. Mason Pearson brushes are popular with stylists. Typically handmade in England, these types of brushes can last up to 25 years. Prices range from $60 to $150.

Janeke Gold Brush: Also made of boar bristles, these are a less expensive version of the Mason Pearson-type brush. Prices range from $67 to $90.

Hair Drying
A proper hair dryer is important to keep your hair healthy. When blow-drying, be sure to hold the dryer in your dominant hand -- this allows for better control, creating a better blowout. Note the importance of the hair-drying nozzle -- the nozzle focuses heat on one area and flattens the hair cuticle for shiny, smooth hair. Eva recommends Elchim dryers.

Solano Professional Hair Dryer: These hair dryers have an ergonomic body and are comfortable for a 20- to 30-minute blowout. Higher temperatures allow you to get the drying job done faster (time is so valuable for the professional woman).

Hair Treatments
Using professional salon ingredients is a great way to keep hair healthy. Salon products are specially designed and more concentrated than store-bought products. Yes, they are also more expensive, but they usually last longer and help sustain healthier hair (which means fewer trips to the stylist).

Alfaparf Splendore Essential Serum Vials (maximum color protection): These vials include a weekly infusion of healthy oils for all hair types. The ingredients help to strengthen the bonds between hair cuticle and cortex, creating lasting shine and silky texture. Contains linen flower and sunflower extracts combined with linoleic extracts, which come from linseed.

Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioner: This amazing product is available only at salons, and it's a wonderful shampoo and conditioning product for all hair types. It's not cheap, but it's worth the investment for healthy hair, because it doesn't contain harsh detergents that can strip hair of natural, protective oils.

Styling Your Hair
In winter, keeping your hair stylish under bulky hats can be unflattering and can ruin a hairstyle you've worked hard to create. So instead, Eva has created a line of hair bands that can be worn over the ears (to keep them warm) and also as a stylish headpiece. The headband is great for covering roots and staying warm while avoiding "hat hair."

Eva Scrivo Hair Bands: These hair bands are made of cashmere or alpaca, come in 18 colors, and are available for purchase on Eva's website ($45 to $90).

Special Thanks
Thanks to Eva Scrivo of Eva Scrivo Salon.

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