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Comforter Covers

The Martha Stewart Show, September September Fall 2007 2007

One of the trickiest parts of making a bed is getting your comforter into the comforter cover; following these simple steps with make it much easier.

Comforter Cover How-To
1. Turn comforter cover inside out and place it flat on the bed with the opening at the foot.

2. Place comforter directly on top of comforter cover.

3. Attach comforter to cover using the corner ties.

4. Put your hands in the opening and reach to the far corners inside the cover.

5. Pull hands toward you, through the opening, and shake right side out.

6. Fasten "frog" closures.

Martha used a Charles H. Beckley mattress and Trousseau Bedding sheets from Macy's Martha Stewart Collection.

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