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Holiday Gift Adornments

These smartly wrapped packages have retro charm. Attaching the holiday tags is a cinch -- they're designed with slits that fit around ribbon. And the handles slip right over the tops of plain bags, turning them into cute parcels that you can carry.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2004


  1. Download and print tags on white card stock. Cut out.


    Cut ribbon long enough to wrap around your gift box. For a tag with two slots, you'll need one piece; a tag with four slots will require two.


  3. Wrap ribbon around box, securing ends with tape. Cover tape by threading tag over taped section.

  4. Download and print handles on white card stock, enlarging or reducing them to match the width of your gift bags (for standard lunch bags, enlarge by 135 percent). Cut out.


    1. Score the handle so you can fold it in half horizontally.


  6. Place a present or treats in a bag. Trim the top of the bag, cutting it 1 or 2 inches higher than the top of the items inside.

  7. Use double-sided tape to close bag. Affix handle to the bag with double-sided tape, sandwiching the top of the bag inside.

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