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Hardware for Hanging Anything

Martha Stewart Living, September 2006

Just think of them as the strong, silent types. While decorative elements such as mirrors and shelves get all the attention, anchors -- the hardware used to hang objects without the aid of structural studs -- stoically hold everything in place. In fact, anchors are so quiet, you may not have heard of them at all. So we'll spread the news: These devices are inexpensive, easy to use, and available in an array of styles to suit many weights and surfaces.

Here, we look at the two categories of anchors -- the ones used on hollow surfaces and those for solid surfaces -- and offer options for each. The main criterion is, not surprisingly, whether the anchor is secure enough for what you wish to hang. Determine the weight of your object, and check it against the anchor's shear-load rating, or the downward pull it can withstand, listed on the package. Be cautious in judging an object's weight to protect it and the wall. Then follow our tips for a sound installation. That way, enhancing your home won't diminish your peace of mind.

Hardware for Hanging Objects on Hollow Surfaces
Hardware for Hanging Objects on Solid Surfaces
Selecting the Screw for Hanging Objects


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