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Fruit Granitas

Martha Stewart Living, August 2006

Just the sight of this sunset-hued icy duo is enough to cool you down. Even better, their tongue-tingling tastes are clean and crisp. Orange granita, with fresh-squeezed juice and just-picked basil, is spooned into a bowl alongside sweet plum granita spiced with ginger.

However complex the flavors, these frozen treats require only a little free time, a fork, and a freezer. Mix them the morning of the barbecue, scrape them as they set, and serve them as a palate-cleansing close to the meal. For the recipes, turn the page.


Perfect Timing
The coarse crystals in granitas distinguish them from other frozen desserts. For the right texture, scrape the every half hour for 4 1/2 hours. Same-day preparation is best -- after too long the consistency will change from light and layered to overly dense.

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