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Velvet Ribbon Mirror Frame

The frames of these rectangular mirrors are smartly outfitted in midnight-blue velvet ribbon. Lined up next to one another and hung above a buffet, they add sophistication and catch the light in the room.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2005


  • A wooden frame

  • Velvet ribbon a bit wider than the frame's width


  1. Make a paper template of one of the frame's sides, mimicking the mitered corners.

  2. Paint frame's inner and outer edges in a color similar to that of the ribbon. Cut ribbon slightly longer than the template, and then iron on strips of fusing to the back of the ribbon.

  3. With a pencil, trace template onto fusing. Cut out. Repeat for other three sides. Place each ribbon, fusing side down, on frame; with a towel on top, iron on a low setting to adhere.

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