Fashion designer Joseph Abboud showed us these men's looks that are perfect for every occasion.


Look #1: Cashmere and Cargo Pants

This is a young, preppy look with a bit more style combining the luxury of cashmere with a comfortable and casual washed cargo pant. A relaxed way of dressing, especially with the washed woven shirt, this is the way to be comfortable while still being stylish and not underdressed. For fun, mix up your footwear. Fun, olive canvas sneakers provide a stylish twist but without being too over-the-top.

-All cashmere V-neck ivory sweater -- John W. Nordstrom, $155

-Washed faded stripe woven shirt -- Hugo Boss, $145

-Washed khaki cargo pant -- Indigo Palms, $118

-Sun-fade olive canvas sneaker -- Converse, $46


Look #2: The Timeless Suit

Nothing says "put-together" like a well-fitted, tailored suit. You don't have to spend a huge amount on a suit, but make sure you invest in tailoring it properly. If a suit fits well, it will look like it's worth much, much more. Men always look well dressed in a dark suit. A two-button or three-button is acceptable, and now preferably with side vents. Adding a short trench is great over suit, but you can also wear this coat over a jean and turtleneck. Wearing a Ferragamo Black Tie shoe is a timeless look that is worth the investment.

-Short rain coat -- Canali, $795

-The perfect grey wool suit -- Canali, $1,295

-Silk tie -- Valentino, $135

-White cotton herringbone spread collar shirt -- John W. Nordstrom, $89

-Black cap toe shoe -- Ferragamo, $498


Look #3: Casual Chic

This is one of the hardest looks for guys to get -- the casual but stylish look. You don't have to look unkempt when you dress down. This is also a great look for traveling, and the soft color combinations are easy on the eye. Choose a trouser that's soft with no crease, which keeps the less formal feel. A faded, striped shirt that is pre-worn out provides a more relaxed feel. This silk jacket is also great with jeans and a T-shirt. Driving shoe should be worn casually without socks.

-Stone all-silk, soft constructed jacket -- Island Pacific, $295

-Soft press, puddy pant -- Armani, $300

-Faded, all-cotton multi-stripe woven shirt -- Faconnable, $95

-Mocha suede driving shoe -- Testoni, $365


Look #4: At Work and Play

Take a suit and break it up by wearing it with a pair of faded jeans. This is the way to take a formal jacket and make it more relaxed. One suit can transform into additional looks without having to buy a separate jacket. Blue on blue is a very masculine look and is a safe bet, creating a great all-American look. Boots are great, but make sure they're worn with a narrower trouser.

-Pin-striped suit jacket -- Canali (suit price: $1,395)

-Blue-on-blue broad stripe woven cotton shirt -- Faconnable, $145

-Washed indigo all cotton crewneck sweater -- John W. Nordstrom, $89

-Washed boot-cut jean -- SEVEN, $172

-Distressed nubuck boot -- Gordon Rush, $280


Nordstrom. To look at more great menswear, go to or visit a store near you.

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These are very nice outfits for men to wear for work to a very nice suit